Some Years Ago-Jeff Hanson

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选自Jeff Hanson的同名专辑,歌手出生在美国,凭着出色独特的嗓音,13岁时加入M.I.J乐队。“拥有小女孩般甜美声线的男孩”,这是大家评论他的唯一理由,他的假音像极了女声,纤细、柔弱。Jeff Hanson也是位多才的歌手,专辑的一切都由自己包办。

试听:Some Years Ago-Jeff Hanson

How was I to hear your name
It carried on and left me under waves
I somehow thought inside you’d come alive
I’m left not going far from right
In the air’s a certain sound at night
We move just to begin so now you’re in
And everytime I’m almost there but far below
What I want to call home
And on their side you were there so you should know
Where I was some years ago
So let me say that I’m alright
It’s moving from a sound into the light
To see if it belongs
It won’t belong
Am I still wrong to figure out
It came across and what it’s all about
Today may be just fine Another time
It’s hard to open everything that’s happened here
And there’s a story that will soon be coming clear
So once more
Today seems like it was
Whoever thought and who would care that much
I know some how inside You’ll come alive



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