To Be Loved-Joan As Police Woman

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纽约的三人乐队Joan As Police Woman,由贝司手Rainy Orteca,鼓手Parker Kindred和主唱全能才女Joan Wasser(音乐创作人、歌手、吉他弹奏者、钢琴家、 小提琴演奏者)组成。

Joan Wasser演绎很出彩,浓郁的爵士风情又有略带伤感的纯摇滚氛围。很适合雨天或者午睡的听,感觉很好哦~

试听:To Be Loved-Joan As Police Woman

I’m so happy to be loved
throw me down and light me there
’cause I’m an awful mess
and you love me too
I haven’t a care
we’re eternity
oh, I feel the sigh on
every breath that’s met us here
this night dreams fantastic
and it’s ours, my dear
how on earth could you have found me
huddled under grapes of wrath
I will never know but forever I ask
how I got so lucky
all this time proceeding
silent in processional
the words, they escape me through my singing cage
of how I love you too

it’s safe
to be alone
and be lonely
but I found a gun
with no safety
and I am going to
shoot down my ghost town

’cause I konw there’s a
place for us
I made it, I made it

I am through with sharing all my love
I have outgrown crowding up my house
when you found me, I could not be loved
but then I found me and I’m happy to be loved.



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